short circuit protection for inverter AC output

Discussion in 'Solar Power' started by fabieville, May 6, 2011.

  1. fabieville

    fabieville WindyNation Engineer

    do you know where i could find a short circuit protection schematic for the AC output side of an inverter?
  2. NEOH

    NEOH WindyNation Engineer

    Just add a Circuit Breaker (or a fuse) of the appropriate amperage in-line with the HOT / BLACK wire.
  3. NEOH....
    I’ll bet there is a market out there for us owners of DC/AC inverters that are sick of using cheap GTI’s to power the house, to instead just use the dc inverter. Of course it helps if there is enough solar or wind installed to operate the household without using the batteries.
    I’m interested in using my 1100 watt to connect to the household wiring after turning the AC Main switches off. I don’t have a problem with manually flipping the main switches.
    I have some junk GTI’s for parts, I would like to be able to protect the Inverter from damage in case dementia causes the AC Mains to get turned on while the DC Inverter is still connected. I read the above post of using a breaker or fuse. That will work?
    Two Track….wanna try it?
  4. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    "I would like to be able to protect the Inverter from damage in case dementia causes the AC Mains to get turned on while the DC Inverter is still connected."

    How about a contactor? This would be automatic or an ATS. I have made an ATS doing this and it works great!! Not to sure about the top question though? I guess he is just looking for a fuse on the AC output side of the inverter. Should be a DC fuse before the inverter and an AC fuse after the AC output of the inverter if that is the question at hand?
    Just chiming in:cool:
  5. Thanks Leamy..... I got this crazy idea after converting my emergency generator to run on natural gas/propane. I turned off the Mains and found that back feeding into my laundry outlet I can power everything needed or used during the day. So after a few days of listening to that old L-head , I got this quieter idea.
    Note: NG is forty cents a therm here. A therm is almost equivalent to a gallon of gasoline.

    I like going to the United Kingdom alternative energy web sites. They don't have a money making NEC over there or even see a need for grounding everything. I found a schematic that uses some relays that gave me a idea to work with. I don't need a two hundred dollar transfer switch. Nobody is going to get hurt on the other side of the Smart meter.
    It's definitely easier and cheaper to use the existing house wiring, I'm finding myself stringing wire, and extension cords to run one appliance and not the other. The real danger is on my side of the meter.
    I'm completely off the Grid again today.:):)
  6. Still breathing. If you jump the two hots on the 240 dryer plug, there's power to everything. Use a VOM and not your tongue to check for voltage.:p

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