Sela's 500 Watts wind turbine

Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by s101, Jan 8, 2010.

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    I build my wind turbine using windy nation's PMA and blades.
    It produces 500 watts at 600 RPM. around 50 ACV.
    My tail is still very small. gone change it into a 4 m"m 20 on 30 cm aluminum plate.

    The stick poking on the top of the PMA is a magnet counting the rpm.

    I'm still testing the best way to finish the construction.
    In addition I'm looking for the best grid tie inverter, and the way to connect it to the grid.
    Another problem i have is with the friction created between the pole and the turbine.
    Right now it's just a pole inside another pole.

    If any one have any suggestion i would love to her them.


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  2. diahen0725

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    Hi Sela. To fix your friction problem, here is what I would do. Get a used rear axle hub assembly off a front wheel drive car. I go to pick and pull auto wreckers to get my parts. They have their cars up on blocks , so it is safer to remove parts. Just take the brake drum off so you can get at the 4 bolts on the inside that hold the hub to the axle. Save those bolts and nuts as you can reuse them because they are high strength quality. You would only have to weld a plate on top of your pole and bolt the hub to it like it bolted on the rear axle. Then bolt or weld your generator housing to the wheel flange where the tire bolted on and presto, it should spin around freely. Hope this helps, Jim.

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