RVers using wind turbines?

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    Hi Forum-users -- I recently signed on to help WindyNation with a bit of content development, and I am interested in talking to people who are using wind turbines to charge batteries/power appliances in their RVs. If that's you and you are open to talking to me (and possibly being quoted in a story on WindyNation's website) please send me a message on the forum. Thanks!

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    Thanks for helping us out, Becca!

    We're looking to learn more about applications for our small DIY wind and solar products for the RV market. We're looking to learn about how some of our users might have applied alternative energy products for their RV? What kinds of unique problems and challenges does this niche use pose?

    We'd love to hear from all of you!
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    I mentioned this to a guy who travels the country in his large RV and he said he has never seen a turbine used with one. Solar is pretty standard though.
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    I have seen a couple. There is a RV parkway along the beach just north of Ventura. I have seen about 4-5 RV's in the last couple of years with little Airx's . It is a great location for a wind turbine on top of an RV. The spots have unobstructed access to the wind coming off the ocean and there is a steady 10-30 mph wind coming of the ocean from about 10am-8pm almost everyday. The wind speed depends on the weather conditions but it rarely dips below 10 mph.
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    Found this.
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  7. I want to hook up a wind turbine to power my RV trailer. I found a tower that you drive onto to hold it in place, then it's not up next to your trailer so you don't feel the vibration. However, after talking to 2 companies, no one has this set up anymore, no one knows the name of the manufacturer and I cannot find it online. I've attached the link, if anyone knows of a way I can do this like this set up please let me know.
    thank you!
  8. I have an airx on my 5th wheel and 3 solar panels with six golf cart batteries. We only use the wind turbine if we are staying a while. I will dig around see if i have a photo or two to post.
  9. Thank you. So is it attached to your RV or what kind of tower do you have?

  10. Ok this is where a picture is worth a thousand words........... I have a 6' X 8.5' metal frame on the back for hauling a small boat or 2 atv's that i built sometime ago . In the center is a 2" reciever welded to the frame. My pole is 2.5" X 21' aluminum pipe with a hinge and piece of pipe that fits in the reciever then i have 4 tie down rings attached to the frame that the guy wires goto with turnbukles for leveling the pole. I have harmonic issues with this setup its not terrible after the first few nights :). Basically i need to isolate the tower from the mount tube and insulate the guide wires. I looked for the drive on tower but was unable to locate one for sale either. My pipe stores under the rv in a piece of pvc pipe with screw on end caps. I have a plug on the wires. and remove the airx for travel. The airx is very light and easy to stand up with the aluminum pole. Make no mistake i am NOT recommending the airx........ i would have bought a windy rover had it been available when this project happened.
  11. SBecker600, thank you very much! I want to buy the windy, but don't have a tower solution.

    Thank you!
  12. It wouldnt take much for a local welding shop to fabricate one of those drive on stands. print them a picture from the net and have them estimate the cost.
    I went my route because it was easy and very practical for me..............
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  14. Thank you! That's a great idea, I'll have someone make me one. The flag pole doesn't look sturdy enough for the Windy.

    Thank you!

  15. Hi Becca,
    We have developed 2 portable tower designs for "RV" applications. One tower is a 20' tilt with a hand wench for rapid deployment. It also has guy wires with ground anchors and/or vehicle attachments for stabilization. So far, we have tested it in 20 MPH winds. The turbine pivot point rattles but there were no chassis vibration, stabilization or stress issues. The entire tower assembly can also be removed and mounted remotely away from the vehicle. The other design allows for any 5" - 12" pole or tree top to be used as a land based tower. There were countless hours invested in the designs and development but in the end, the actual cost for both towers was only about $400. We also developed a very simple tilting solar panel rack and a portable hydro system. For transport, the solar rack attaches to any vehicle with a flat surface. It has an adjustable tilt angle and is removable so you don't have to park the vehicle in direct sunlight. There wasn't anything available on the market (or it was crazy expensive and required modifications) so we built what was necessary from scratch. It seems that nearly everything on the market these days requires improvements and/or modifications. Even so, we appreciate what works. Unfortunately, only one supplier (Voodoo Solar) offered any pricing support so we aren't crazy about providing free advertising for the other products attached to our designs. Apparently, our mutual support isn't worth ten cents. Lastly, we will be uploading videos showing some unusual applications for RE while working around this issue.
    Nevertheless, here are a few pictures.
    Best Regards,


    Raising Tower.png


    Pole Tower.JPG

    Solar Rack.JPG

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