Reviews of Grid Tie Inverters

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    Larry and Murray - thanks. One additional thought is how happy are the different parallel GTIs managing the same (or multiple turbines)? Not easy to answer but something to think about while experimenting.

    Also having 2 low-end and 2 high-end GTIs all in parallel may allow a person to avoid a dump load since even if one GTI fails the other is there to take the load. This assumes a furling turbine of course.
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    Okay Murray, all eyes are on you
    Please let us know.
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    I did just find something interesting with my grid tie. It seems that the dump load conections are conected to the input connections all the time through diodes. I hooked my batteries to the dump load so the generator in a direct connect to the GT. when I did this my GT started making power. So now when it goes into dump load it puts the charge into the batteries then when it trips back to the generator it still pulls the power from the batteries. I have it hooked up this way now with gust up to 50mph today so we will see if it works better.
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    Frequency is 50 Hertz - USA needs 60 Hertz
    Solar voltage starts at 150 Volts
    Wind voltage starts at 50 Volts
    Nice unit but a bit out of our league at this time.
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    Sun G dump load controller
    I have tested the dump load controller on the Sun G wind rated 500 (10-30v) and 1000w (22-60v) inverters.
    The dump load does work very well when the utility power goes down. You can sumulate this by hooking up a proper size dump load ressistor and then pull the plug on the inverter. I have not tested to put a battery to the dump load.
    Hope this helps.
    Larry :D

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