Putting it all together (HELP?)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tuicemen, Sep 3, 2016.

  1. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    I'm looking at the SunTura HD dual axis trackers.
    The online manual though informative assumes you have the proper mounts already in place (unless I'm missing something)
    Is there a special pole mount needed for these?
    I found a link in another thread for instructions but that link throws an apache error as do most windynation links on here (that may be a edge browser thing)
    Any diagrams for making the proper mount?
    I prefer a no weld build if possible
  2. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    Has no one installed one of these yet?:rolleyes:
    Am I to be the first?
    I was hoping for a speedy install but it is starting to look like that won't be the case.:(
  3. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    I received a email from WindyNation confirming I didn't miss anything.
    Currently there is no official mount for this.
    However they are working on something which they have been for over a year now.

    I do have a preliminary design, hope it doesn't take me over a year to get something working!:rolleyes:
    I'm not good at fabrication.:confused:

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