proper dump load for 1000w sun g gti

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  1. just so everybody is absolutely clear on the proper bump load for a windtura 750 turbine on a 1000watt sun g gti im posting this (mostly 4 me) so after reading everything on here i can find on the mater im about 75% sure that i need 4 of the 24 volt 2.9 ohm dump load resistors 2 wired in parallel and 2 wired in series then those 2 groups wired together correct? (just got the 1000watter dont wana fry it out the gate thanks)
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    Hey John, the dump relay is only rated for 16 amps so you have to stay under that. I use (2) WN48v coils at 300w each. I wired them in parallel for a 24v 1kw Wind Max using the 1kw 22-60v GTI and i have no issues. My math is 600w/48v is 12.5 amps. :)
  3. so lets say a guy already bought 4 of the 24 volt resistors could these be wired to work with the 1000 watt gti? If i wired 2 groups in series then those in parallel that should work right? I get 48 volts and 600 watts. Thanks!
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    Yeah 600 w is all ya need anyway bro. Just keep the dump coils at 48 v and you will be fine. If the grid goes down the turbine will spin, as it hits near 48 v the load will increase on the turbine so she may spin in like 12-mph winds before she see's the coil load. You may want to let her freewheel one time to see what wind speed it takes to get it up to 48 v just so you know you are comfortable with the coils and the turbine and how it all works. Unplug your GTI and test with the coils while reading wind speed. What ever you do make sure your load is under 16 amps on the GTI dump relay or poof!!:)
  5. alright man thanks you've helped me a lot think i got this dump load thing now never really dove into it yet just got lucky using my fuel the tower down now just rebuilt the body and putting up the bigger wire should be 100% soon super stoked for it. thanks again!
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    No problem bro. Happy to help. Please let me know how ya make out. Hey your due for a wind vid.
  7. using my fuel cell....

    That has my interest too. Or was that a misprint?

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