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    Can you please provide the Volts by rpm without charge and Amps by rpm charging a battery?

    Specific values required would be: 50 rpm / 100 rpm / 200 rpm / 300 rpm
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    The SuperAmp's open circuit voltage (OCV) is approximately 1/2 of the Windtura 750's OCV.

    If you watch the OCV vidoe of the Windtura 750 you can get a good idea of the SuperAmp's OCV by simply dividing the number by 2.

  3. We're attempting to create some hydro power using the SuperAmp as our generator. We're getting about 102 RPMs. Not much, but we thought it would produce some power. It isn't showing anything that on the watt meter (at 12V). We hooked up a drill and then at around 200+ (?) RPMs we got about 5A at 12V. An RPM curve at 12V would be great to have.

    We are going to hook up a gearbox and try and double the RPMs.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/yjv0htih16i1kqg/Video May 04, 14 07 43.mov

    We're not looking for a lot of power. If we got 5 amps constant, that would be plenty!

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