PMA mounting/offset?

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  1. I've put together a "hybrid" build of WN's furling mount + HY Energy's HY-1000 1kw generator/PMA and HY Energy's matching 5-blade set/hub. While the PMA mounted just fine (after drilling some new holes), the rotor doesn't orient directly into the wind, as you can see in this photo:


    The taller turbine in the background is the hybrid. The shorter one is a stock HY-1000 with its standard mount (not a furling mount; the PMA is mounted directly in line with offset). The stock turbine is oriented directly into the west wind (this photo is looking directly west); the hybrid is oriented slightly more southwest.

    Similarly, when the wind were from the southeast the other day:


    Again, the stock turbine (stock except that I added a larger tail piece) is correctly oriented directly towards the southeast wind. But the "hybrid" is oriented directly east. In other words, as you look at the turbines from the rear, the "hybrid" is always orienting "left" of where it should be directly into the wind

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