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    i am getting one 500 pma and if everything will work fine i will insatall another before winter starts, but my question is what volume of battery bank i should have in order to run 4000 power inverter to run the water heater ? i live on a higher elevation and 80% of the time the wind is above 15 mph. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. And where do i get such inverter? ( off grid inverter). thanks, Greg.
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    A 4000 Watt inverter is huge. Let's do the math:

    4000 Watt at 12 volts (roughly your battery bank voltage):

    power = volts x amps and amps = 333 amps when you are using 4000 Watts at 12 volts

    Now, this is A LOT of current. If you had a 333 amp hour battery bank, you could run your 4000 Watt inverter at full power for only one hour (i.e. This assumes the appliances that your are running in your house off the inverter are using 4000 Watts). ... _Hours.htm

    To calculate the size (amp hours) of the battery bank you would need, you would just need to know how many amps your heater uses and how often you would have it on. This essentially would tell you the amp hours of your heater. I think you will find that it will be very hard to run your heater if it is going to be on often. You will need one hell of a battery bank.

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