pl30 charge controller reads only .5 amps and takes forever to charge

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  1. Hello, my name is Joel. I recently attached solar panels to my bunkhouse and put them in the attic. I have set everything to the manual and everything works except that the charge controller says the solar panels are only producing.5 amps max even when it's sunny. I first tested the actual terminals on the solar panels which are 100 watts each and have 3 for a 300-watt system. they all read the same amps. then I hooked them up with the mc four connectors and got around 19 volts and 8.92 amps. then I attached the male and female connectors to the solar wire and read the ends of the cable to make sure there was not a bad connection it read 19 volts and 8.92 amps the same. however, when I connect it to the charge controller it says it gets only .5 amps. I also made sure there wasn't a loose connection in the charge controller terminals as when they were attached to the charge controller it read 8.92 amps and 12 volts. I think it is the charge controller but don't know as I'm pretty new to this. if someone knows this it would be greatly appreciated.
    pictures and battery specs below
    battery specs
    2 batteries
    both 105ah
    12-volt deep cycle connected to a pure sine wave inverter parallel battery connections

    image8.jpeg image4.jpeg
    image5.jpeg image6.jpeg image3.jpeg image1.jpeg
  2. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    What is your battery type set for?
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  3. I'm having a similar issue where mine is registering 8.0 volts and won't hard or soft reset
  4. thanks for the reply I don know how to set the battery types but the battery is 105ah 12v deep cycle batterie

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