P30L with LiFePO4 batteries

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  1. Yes, the values will change based on the OVD (Float) setting, where this is the only fixed value

    The duration for bulk is preset and is approx 107% of the OVD. The controller will then measure the battery and initiate Equalization and Float stages accordingly

    I saw the above info in another thread.

    I didn't want to start a new thread for this one question but for LiFePO4 batteries with a 14.4v - 14.6v upper charge rate, does that mean the OVD should be set at 13.6 x 107% = 14.55???

    Isn't 13.6 the default OVD rate? I just hooked my P30L up. Is it already default set for LiFePO4?
  2. Dang, I was hoping I'd get at least one answer from WN support in three days.
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    For quick answers is is best to email support. Most companies use their forums for end users to help end users and seldom read the forums.

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