P30L Temperature Issue

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  1. I’ve installed the controller and everything appears to be working except when I plug in the temperature cable

    I get a read out of 106 degrees Celsius which logically shuts down the charging process

    The inverter panel says the battery temperature is only 90 degrees Fahrenheit which seems correct

    I can’t feel anything that would indicate a hot temperature. At 106 Celsius everything would be melting down
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  2. TomT

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    Checking on chips and it says some get that hot.
    But I would prefer around 80 C
    I got this from another site. try and find a safe setting that will prolong life. But still get the most charge to the battery without shutting down.

    The military temperature range for operation of silicon integrated circuits (ICs or chips) is -55C to +125C, which is meant to ensure operation in virtually any field situation, with plenty of margin (125C is 25% hotter than the boiling point of water).

    Other standard ranges for ICs are -40C to +125C for Automotive, -40C to +85C for Industrial, and 0C to +70C for Commercial (e.g. chips in TV sets). There are variations in these standards, for example some automotive devices may extend to +130C or higher, and high performance CPU chips in home computers may be limited to +55C.
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    Where are you locating the temperature prob on the battery. Or do you get that reading even if not placed on a battery?

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