P30L Battery Voltage Error

Discussion in 'Charge Controllers' started by Jack K, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I have a P30L charge controller that I have been using to recharge my RV batteries for 2-3 years now and up to now have had no issues. But recently the LCD has been showing my battery voltage at 13.9V when I know the batteries are much less in reality. For example I tested last night and voltage at the battery terminals and the controller "battery output" terminals both read 12.1V yet the LCD was showing 13.9V. One weird thing I noticed was that if I adjust the over voltage disconnect setting the LCD battery voltage readout follows the OVD (i.e. I set the OVD at 14.2 and the battery voltage then reads 14.1; if I adjust the OVD back to 13.9 the LCD battery voltage shows 13.9v)
    I have to confess the controller got caught in a shower about a year ago, was dried and appeared to be working okay up until this discrepancy. Is this fixable or just time to bite the bullet and go for a new controller (and keep the new controller dry)?
    For the record I use a single 100W PV panel and this is only used to recharge batteries while boondocking. The PV panel has no effect on the issue.

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