P30L Absorption phase

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  1. I don't see any mention of the absorption phase in the P30L manual.
    Does it have one?

    Also, in the OVD section the manual states that the P30L will stop charging the battery when the set voltage is reached. Does the controller go into pulse mode at this time?
  2. WindyFAQ

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    The OVD should be set to the recommended float voltage from your battery manufacturer.

    The P30L will initiate bulk/boost charging and will keep charging for approx 30 mins, remeasure and then move to Equalize. The third and final stage will be float. Once the voltage is close to the float voltage (OVD), small current will be pulsed to the battery and the voltage will not increase.

    The duration for bulk is preset and then the controller will sense the battery SOC and initiate Equalization and Float stages accordingly

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