P20L Discharge & Load Indicator Error Problem

Discussion in 'Charge Controllers' started by Delmate, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. I have a P20L Solar Charge Controller with a 100 W panel and 105 Amp AGM battery powering low power fans for a greenhouse subterranean heating and cooling system. Last week I replaced the battery and I didn't follow the right order for connections and connected the panel before the battery and load and now both the discharge & load indicators are blinking continuously. If I press the load on/off button I can get the load indicator to stop blinking and disappear but if it's blinking or not there's always power on the load. Everything else seems OK.
    Question: is it OK to continue using the charge controller like this without damaging the battery even if I lost the useful function to turn the load on/off? Thanks!
  2. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    I have a similar charge controller and did the same thing though not this one.
    If you had inline fuses in as suggested it should be ok.
    Did you try removing everything from the control waiting a few minutes and starting over?
    The wait will help discharge any remaining power.
    Sometimes removing all power to a charge controller will reset it.
    Support should be able to provide more info.
  3. Thank you Tuicemen for your reply. Yes, I have inline fuses 0n + to panel, battery and load, and after experiencing the problem I removed all connections and waited a few minutes before starting again and this time connecting things in the right order but the indicators continued to blink. I'll try again with a longer wait time to ensure it discharges. Still waiting to hear from support. Thanks!
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    If resetting the controller does not work, it is ok to run the controller without the LOAD feature (which seems to have been blown). That is assuming the LOAD feature will not be required and the functionality of the controller has not also been impacted as a result of the reverse connection.
  5. Tuicemen

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    It might also take the batteries to get to a full charge before the charge controller resets its self.
    So if that hasn't been able to happen yet you might try disconnecting the load during a sunny day and see what happens.

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