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  1. I have noticed that my P20L controller doesn't show the arrow between the panel icon and the battery icon. both icons are showing on the view screen with the panel showing full and the battery icon showing 20%.Everything was fine a couple of days ago and when I got up two days ago it wasn't acting right. The batteries, two 6 volt golf cart batteries, are down to 12.1 volts and aren't charging up. I have disconnected everything hoping it would reset but no luck. So what do I do now? I'm thinking the controller is messed up and needs to be replaced. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    I don't use this controller but it sounds to me like it has failed. Did you experiance a storm just prior to its failling? A lightening strike would do it (doesn't need be direct hit) Do you have a lightening arrestor or 2 in your setup?
    They can prevent lightning dammage though may most likely not help a direct hit.
  3. Thanks for the reply and no storms near here within two weeks of the problem. Personally I think the controller is going bad. : ( Since I am on SS and only have $500 a month to live on I can't afford a new one at this time. That $500 a month is why I am going off grid.
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    Please provide the measured Voltage at PV Terminals of controller

    If you do not measure greater than 13 volts at the PV terminals (item 2), please disconnect the two wires from the controller and confirm the open circuit voltage (Voc) of the panel as described in the following:
    http://www.windynation.com/cm/ Testing%20a%20Solar%20System_ R1.pdf

    If warranty service is required, please contact us at support@windynation.com, we will need the order number for the controller.
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    I too am on a fixed income having retired and have no desire to start working again. I went off grid for my retirement retreat when I first started building it. What I like with solar is it can slowly be expanded on as funds permit.
    Hopefully your issue is easily resolved.
  6. I hope it is fixed as cheaply as possible. I got out my test meter and found the battery was dead. The guy I loaned it to didn't turn it off when he returned it. I learned a lesson and that is to never loan anything out again. Since I have to go to town tomorrow I'll wait till then to buy the 9 volt battery for it. I hate to make two trips when one will do the job. : )
  7. I tested everything and it appeared ok. I then disconnected one of the panels and hooked the cable from the charge controller directly to one of the panels and I now have the arrow back on the screen. So I am going to leave it like it is for the night and see what it looks like tomorrow. I have the arrow if I just use one panel hooked to the controller but not when I hook up both. But everything checks out ok with the test meter, so I'm confused. I could be reading the meter wrong and that is making me believe everything is okay. Check back tomorrow and see what happens on "As Johns World Turns". LOL
  8. For anyone reading this, the arrow is still on the screen and the batteries are up to 12.6 and 60%. So I think I have solved my problem and it was a bad MC4 connetor. Why the controller didn't show the arrow is still beyond me but I don't care as it is back now and the controller seems to be working. Thanks for any and all advice I received to help me solve this problem. :)

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