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Discussion in 'Off Grid' started by dog, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. dog

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    Hi everybody, I've been living off grid for 6 years now. I have 4.2 Kw Solar electrical , 4 Air-X's that peak at a total of 1500 watts, 30,240 amp hr Battery Bank, Backed up with an 8 KW Generac Back-up Propane fueled generator , A new G12 3KW wind turbine in June. 2 48 ft X 4 ft Selfmade solar thermal panels heating my hydronic infloor heating system. Backed up with an indoor log spitted and an air tight wood stove. I run 2 deep freezers 1fridge 5 computers 8 security cameras.An out back power panel with 3 Flexmax 80 amp charge controllers a Mate , Hub ,3.5KW lightning protected Grid capable Inverter.
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  3. dlmcbm

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    HOLY CRAP!!!! what a rig of towers and what not. Yea I put you in the crazy stage. No way would I be up there. I guess you didnt get that ladder from lowes? LOL
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    Hey Dog,
    Welcom to the forum. That is one awesome tower. Love the off grid stuff.
  5. dog

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    You had to remind me about that video, Tom . I just looked at what was so crazy everybody was talking about . After watching that again , I must'a been crazy to be up there .I agree with you all, yup I'm one crazy dude. I won't be going up there for a couple of months . That mild heart attack and the stents slowed me down for a month or two. I can't wait for that oimet canyon zip line opens in spring. It's like almost a half mile long. That's going to make an awsome youtube flick starring yours truly.LOL My little tower is nothing compared to that. What are these little faces on the right of the screen for? I moved one and it put an address or something on this reply . posting.php?mode=reply&f=25&t=571#:mrgreen:
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    Those litle faces are actual photos of some of the better looking forum members !
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  8. dog

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    You've got a beautiful location . Reminds me of north west Texas. flat and windy. Im sitting here in a major snow storm April 3 sweeping off my panels every hour . My Turbines are collecting snow .( praying that they don't just quit) You must be off grid with your system . I didn't see any grid tie inverters in your system. You can check out my channel at ( ).LOL Rob

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