Off Grid Solar Pond Aeration...

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  1. My first project. I love this stuff !

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  2. It's been running 24 hours a day since Sunday afternoon ( it's Thursday morning) with limited sun. A few days were cloudy / stormy, and there are many more trees in the way.

    As a total noobie, I know nothing about the math, It's a 4 watt pump, but I don't know how much power an inverter uses.......

    Next thing I need to do is put a window in the side of the box (it has a cover that screws on it) so I can see my digital meter on the P20L.
  3. After several days of clouds / storms my battery was about 5/8 as of last night, then it ran all night last night. I'm hoping for some sun today or I might have to shut off the inverter to let the battery catch up.

    Darn this cloudy weather.....
  4. Well I did have to shut off the inverter after almost 2 solid weeks of running 24 hours a day because the battery only showed 2 lines last night and I feared letting it run all night might damage the inverter. We've had days and days of storms and dark cloudy days.

    The next three days are forecast sunny so it should charge up quickly !
  5. Update;

    If this thing gets just a few hours of sun a day, I think it will run 24 hours a day forever !
  6. Andy R.

    Andy R. WindyNation Engineer

    Sounds like things are working pretty well!

    Can you describe what your set-up is like is it a 12 volt system, how many watts is your solar panel, are you using a controller?
  7. It's a 30 watt panel, with a 12 volt Marine battery, and inverter and a 4 watt aquarium pump. But I hit a snag yesterday. I'm going to start a HELP thread......
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    Awesome solar pond aerator!
    I've been thinking of adding a pond (I did the cabin first)
    I'm worried about the winter months here the lake gets 2 feet of ice so I really need some water movement to keep at least a small opening.
    I have Japanese Koi in the city but I'd like to bring them here (Can't put them in the lake)
    What size is your pond?
    How cold are your winters and do you plan on running it then?

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