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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fixitguy, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. fixitguy

    fixitguy WindyNation Engineer

    i have a chance to buy a whisper 1000 thats 17 years old.its brand new still in the box's.blades included.my heart says buy it...but my pocket book says no..the thing is i have the old gents 1000 he was flying already.i can take the $ he wants for the OEM and really make mine complete.on the other hand how can i pass it up? $900 ( he paid $3000 back in the day)
  2. timber

    timber WindyNation Engineer

    Sure sounds tempting.
    That $900 could, however, also go to other system components (e.g. batteries, controller/diversion, blades etc) so I can see your dilemma.
    Seems like a very reasonable price for a 1k, I don't know it's characteristics, like at what wind speed it's rated but I know I'd be very tempted if I knew I could just take more time to come up with the rest of what I needed to make it all a working system.

    Best of luck in your decision, keep us posted!

  3. gaviotaprop

    gaviotaprop WindyNation Engineer

    I have been flying a Whisper 1000 for over 20 yrs. The original wood(!!) blades finally absorbed enough moisture over the decades to become un-balanced. If you dont get the 'new' Whisper, I would be interested in it-or a source of new blades, at least-thanks..Larry in Gaviota
  4. fixitguy

    fixitguy WindyNation Engineer

    hello Larry.im still leaning twards buying the 1000 but if i pass it up you'll be the next in line.as far as blades go i think there all gone.
    maybe you could tell me @ what speed did the OEM blades startup @ and what was the cut in speed? with the blades i made she'll start at 3MPH and cut in at 7mph.at 7MPH constant i see 2+ amps.at 10mph i see 5amps.

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