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  1. Recently installed an OD10 controller in my little pop up camper. There is an existing switch in the camper that disconnects the charging system. My question is will disconnecting the battery from controller, while solar is connected and in sun, damage the controller? Not that I am going to do that, but it could happen..
  2. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    Disconnects/breakers are esential and required safety devices in a solar or any electrical setup. You'll not damage your charge controller by disconnecting your batteries while the sun is providing power.
    Eliminating the disconnect would/could be hazardous to you and/or your setup.
    Besides your current disconnect/beaker you should have one between your panels and charger as well.
    If your current disconnect is just a switch add a properly rated DC breaker/fuse
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  3. Thank you Tuicemen for the reply. Just what I hoped to hear. I asked due to instructions stating "connect battery before solar."

    There is a fuse at the battery, solar panel, and for each load circuit. The switch is simply to disconnect the voltmeter and charging circuit since the battery is so small and I don't want/need to see the voltmeter all the time, or allow the controller to draw a few mA from a part-time system. Plus the LEDs on this controller (and my voltmeter) are so bright they would bother us at night.
  4. Tuicemen

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    Instructions most likely state that as safety precaution
    No chance of major sparks causing fire or burns.
  5. TomT

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    That is normal.
    So the controller has voltage and will be ready for solar input.
    Connect solar first and risk damaging the controller.
    Also I just got some new thin solar panels.
    They also state DO NOT connect solar while in full sun. Or it will damage panels.
    I have full size panels and this has not been a problem.
    Some controllers slowly move from 0 to full power to the battery.
    I also have one that as soon as you connect you are at full power to the battery.
    And I also have wind so when the battery gets near full. I disconnect my solar.
    Just some thing I will have to watch. I am starting to think this is what happened to my last 6 thin panels.

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