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  1. I recently acquired an Allen Bradley MPL-B330P-SJ22AA
    5000 rpm, 1.8kw, Stall Torque 4.18/37 Nm/Lb.IN,
    Cont Amperes 0-Peak 6.1
    Volts RMS L-L 460 3phase, Insulation Class 180(H) Res 4.6 Ohms 25C
    Frequency 0-334 Hz/Time Rating Continuous

    I would really appreciate some help first off deciphering what all this means as Im a machinist not an electrician lol!
    Also will this be a good servo to build my first HAWT with or am I heading in the wrong direction

    Thanks alot!
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    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    6-foot turbines in 30 mph winds will operate at ~1000 RPM. An 8 foot turbine in 30 mph winds operate at ~500 RPM. Larger turbines spin even slower. You can see the first problem is RPM mismatch. Second, small wind turbines are generally low-voltage DC generators, providing up to 40 amps at 12 or 24 volts in 30 mph winds to charge batteries or to run micro grid tie inverters (12-60Vdc range). Your unit is set up for high voltage (460 Vac) and low amps ... very hard to interface that to anything. The main show stopper is the 6.1 amp capability. Even if you geared it to operate >1000 RPM, the 6 amps max charging current even with a 24V battery bank would be only ~150 watts best case. Compare that to the 1kW capability of a Windy Nation direct drive generator.

    Since this is a $1000 servo motor, you might consider selling it and buying one of the Windy Nation generator units (PMAs) which are a good fit for small wind turbines.

  3. Well I sure appreciate everything you just taught me Tom,& I like the idea of selling what I have and buying one of WindyNations
    Ready to go units! As you have probly guessed Im know nothing about this stuff yet but Im very ready to learn all you guys ans gals will teach me!
    Thanks Again!

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