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    I recently set up a small wind turbine system connected only to a GTI. i noticed even in moderate winds the blades barely turned. I disconnected the negative terminal and the blades markedly inc to a free spinning status, but when i reconnect to the GTI it immediatly slows or stops again. I suspect it has to do with incorrect wiring or grounding based on these symptoms but am not sure where to start. I am finding it difficult to get a detailed pictorial as to exactly how the wiring setup should be done. Any ideas or help???
  2. I'm not experienced with wind to GTI but I have done solar to one and I have a wind gen to battery bank. It sounds to me like its shorting the leads together and braking your mill. You need try ohm meter across the terminals of the GTI and see what u got . U will need to know what would be normal for your brand GTI . Is your wind turbine ac or dc ? and which GTI do u have ?
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    Also wind turbine voltage and GTI voltages. GtI 10.8-30 volts?
    Post picture of turbine please.
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