Newbie needs help, not getting enough volts

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  1. I got myself one of these via an auction on ebay and i wont bore you with the details but ended up getting a refund without them asking for the stuff back....

    You may think this is a result, which it would be if it worked?? I have still spent a lot of money on an GTI and mast etc...

    The setup is as per the web page, A so called 1kw generator which is 3 phase going into a 36amp bridge rectifier. I have hooked this up to a 1000w GTI and then into the grid.

    My problem is i am not getting enough volts, I measured the windspeed at 30mph the other day and it was just reading 7 volts, which is not enough. I have no way of measuring the RPM, but it was spinning round so fast it was impossible to try and count, all the blades went into a blur so i lost count very quickly.

    I would be very grateful for any advice, I have spent days trying to come up with a possible solution reading forums and so on but am reluctant to spend any more money without some decent advice first.

    Obviously I realise this is a non windy nation product and i hope i am not breaking any rules by asking this question here, but this forum appeared to have the most knowledgeable members so i hope its ok.
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    Hello maybe I can help. I have a few questions
    1. Did you read voltage on the D/C side of the rectifier?
    2. Did you read voltage on the AC side of the rectifier?
    3. Did you check the wiring to your wind turbine?
    4. Have you taken the turbine down, put it on a bench and tested all of the above?
    5. Did you test ohms between phases of the PMA?
    6. Have you taken the turbine down, put it on a bench, and tested all of the above?

  3. Cheers Larry....

    1. Yes, this is the voltage i was using as my total output reading. Distance from rectifier to GTI is only 12".
    2. Yes, each phase was roughly the same as as the DC output, but pulsed from 0 to said Volts.
    3. I checked the cable and the voltage at the connection to the turbine and it was all ok. No real voltage drop to speak of.
    4. I haven't taken it down as yet as it's a big job. I do plan too, was waiting for a less windy day where i had the time and also wanted to get as much information about what i can do.
    5. I have not done that, but I can do I think. Will have a look today. What sort of results should i be looking for?

    There is 5 metres of cable from the PMA to the rectifier. When the wind stops and the PMA is stationary, it does hold a few volts for a few seconds before it slowly discharges, i assume this is normal.

    I have read somewhere that some of these PMA's need a 12v load to function correctly, could that be the case here?

  4. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Confirm this:
    I have read somewhere that some of these PMA's need a 12v load to function correctly, could that be the case here?
  5. Not sure what you mean, but I have read so many forums and websites that I can't find it now.

  6. TomT

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    First make sure it is wired right at the rectifier.
    By the connection info.
    It just shows the PMA to rectifier to controller.

    Might be where the problem is.
    PMA looks like an Effsun unit.
    Voltage should be checked at the three wires coming from the PMA. With no rectifier attached.
    Set at AC volts and across two of the wires.
    From what you have told us.
    Spinning real fast and such low voltage. That the wires that attach to the stator have a partial connection. If it was shorted it would hardly spin.
    As far as having voltage to produce that is only PMA with built in controller board as far as I know.

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