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  1. Hi everyone new to site lots of great info
    I have picked up alt energy as a hobby about a year ago So far I put up a 500 watt wind turbine and 75 watt solar have a C 60 charge controller 500 watt gti
    600 watt dumpload and a 12 volt golf cart battery looking to keep growing system and have at least a few breakers in house running on alt. I hooked up a 400 watt vector inverter to run some lights hooked up a heavy duty
    ext cord without ground pin and get a red fault light on inverter but did not do this with the charge controller off the battery any info on how to get this working with controller hooked up would be a great help and appreciated.

    Thanks everyone
  2. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    I have a 750 watt Vector I am using.
    Here is some info for the 400 watt.
    Your MAXX 400 SST monitors the following potentially hazardous
    LOW BATTERY VOLTAGE - This condition is not harmful to the inverter but
    could damage the power source. An audible alarm will sound when input
    voltage drops to 10.6. The MAXX 400 SST automatically shuts down when
    input voltage drops to 10.0 volts. When the condition is corrected, the
    unit may be restarted.
    OVER VOLTAGE PROTECTION - The MAXX 400 SST will automatically
    shut down when the input voltage exceeds 15.5 volts DC.
    SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION - Reverse polarity or a short circuit
    condition will usually result in an external fuse being blown.
    OVERLOAD PROTECTION - The inverter will automatically shut down
    when the continuous draw exceeds 400 watts.
    OVER TEMPERATURE PROTECTION - If the temperature inside the MAXX
    400 SST is too hot to operate, the unit will automatically shut down. Allow
    the unit to cool for at least 15 minutes before restarting after a heat-related
    shutdown. Unplug unit while cooling.
    LOW BATTERY ALARM - An alarm will sound when the voltage from the
    battery drops to 10.6 volts. This is an indication that the battery needs to be

    Also you can NOT plug in a load till the inverter is running.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks awsome trouble shooting list right off the bat it be a couple of those issues. Thanks Tom
  4. Ok so I ck out the inverter and had no problem with any loads worked good but when I hooked up power cord to my transfer switch it turned on the red fault light. I had this hooked up before I installed the c 60 charge controller and it worked great ran one breaker no problems, I am lost on what to ck next.

    If I need to move to another tread let me know
  5. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Did you run 2 wires or ground too?
  6. Two wires and ground too
  7. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    The same thing happened to me and have not tried just 2 wires. The trouble shooting guide says not to use the ground with the inverter. Try that and see if it works.
    Make sure there are no loads connected.
  8. But no ground on the input side of Cord going into the inverter
  9. I did hook up the ground on the other end. Just strange it worked before I hooked up the charge controller
  10. Going to take off ground on the transfer switch end and see what happens
    Thanks agian Tom

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