New turbinator 2000 watt turbine with hyperspin

Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by clarence1984, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. clarence1984

    clarence1984 WindyNation Engineer just unleashed it's all new 2000 watt peak output turbine. Labeled beawindhog ht2000 turbinator is by far blowing the competition away with orders filling us up we are now backed up 2 months already with contracts and dealers. Hyperspin is the best we have used all the competition and were even a dealer for three years of the black plastic blades which seemed to break every time we turned around. Or they will bend in high winds and make a god awful vibration. The hyperspin are the quietest and strongest. We just recently finished our testing of our 2000 watt turbine. Yakataga point were the turbine was stationed reached a wind speed of 115mph for 1.2 seconds. The turbine and blades are good to go no damage at all in fact it produced a massive 2.3kw when that wind speed hit it. [​IMG]
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    i thought you had to agree not to say anything slanderous.anyway,who are your dealers?
  3. After reviewing the post, we have determined that there is nothing slanderous contained within it. If you disagree with any of the opinions posted in this forum, please feel free to offer your opinions and justifications in additional postings. We welcome and encourage such exchanges!

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  4. Funny, I just came across this old posting. Clarence1984 has to be Clarence Scott Stevens, the owner of beawindhog from Wasilla Alaska. Don't ever do business with his company! His supposed 2000 watt turbine produced a max of 384 watts of power for me, and that was with two turbines wired in parallel (48 volt system). His power claims are blatantly false, and his customer service is even worse. Stay clear of him, his company, and his crappy products (you should see his charge controller, its a joke)!

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