New to Solar- Need help,what to use etc

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  1. have a camp in northern maine, recently I purchased a used system - I have mounted 3 / 100 watt solar panels(windynation- part sol-100w-00)
    (still have 3 more panels if I need them) and I have a missouri model c60 charge controller, but no manuel- and need to purchase batteries as well as wire it up, I have the wiring from the solar panels to the charge controller but nothing else

    my intent is to run
    6- 12 volt led lights
    1-12 volt water pump
    an 2500 watt invertor -to use microwave and or toaster
    1- 2 way radio
    the light and radio will be on the most
    with pumping water daily but in small amounts
    the rest is as needed

    does anyone have the manuel for the charge controller
    what should I get for batteries and how many

    then the questions, for wiring, grounding fuses etc
  2. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    Good thing about solar is you can always expand. Batteries however should all be same age and make. As one low battery will drop your banks bank's performance. I use large 6 volt deepcycle golf cart type batteries. If you have these indoors they must be vented to the outside. You need to figure out the amps everything will be using. And the ah of the batteries. To gear the size of yor battery bank and make as large as space and funds allow.
    As for your charge controller it looks like it is 60 amp so you need to add up the peak amps of your panels and be sure you don't go over 55 amps going into it. I always stay a few amps shy of an inverters peak for safety. The closer you get to the inverters peak will mean your batteries will get fully charged faster. This is all I could find for info on your charger
  3. so my next question, I think I am going to purchase 2 deka 8d batteries agm 240ah
    the camp will be closed up for the winter in november, and I wont be able to get back in till after the snow is gone in may
    can I leave the batteries at camp for the winter (160 pds each) do I unhook the solar system??
    what should I do to the system???
  4. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    If it was 20 years ago I would leave it.
    But now there are to many thieves.
    Put your stuff on a board and take it and batteries with at least.
    Unless you do not have any visitors over the winter.
  5. Tuicemen

    Tuicemen Solar Guru

    If your batteries are in a battery box with a small amount of insulation and you get at least a small trickle of power from your pannels they will be fine. I've left batteries at different hunt camps over the years and never had a problem with them freezing. The only thing I use to do with thouse small sustems was to be sure the inverter was off.
    At my off grid place now I leave the inverter running even though I may not be arround for Dec to Mar. My array manages to keep the batteries topped up even on cloudy days as not much is running.
    I also ever had any of the solat stuff stolen even thought some of the camps were broken into.

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