New Tech for Wind Turebines

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by TomT, Dec 4, 2010.

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    Neat idea.

    I just posted a pair of vids on the new bicycle wheel STYLE Honeywell home wind turbine that has the magnets and the stator at the wheel rim rather than at the hub. They claim some insane numbers for power which I handly debunked using basic math and science. They want $9K installed for essentially a 500 watt system. I even have my doubts on the 500W as this beast has 20 slats rather than 2-3 regular blades. They brag about using power below 8mph, which there is little - on the order of 10 watts, and I suspect it is all eaten up by their electronics anyway!

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    I sure like the modular aspect of the ExRo Technologies unit.
    Only time and real world testing will tell if their claims of "increasing their power output by 50 percent" are valid.
    The do seem to have managed to get a lot of copper and magnets into a relatively small package.
    The more we can manage variable wind speeds the better.

    Could the right location, a tailored to site unit like this and higher efficient blades make enough difference to offset additional costs?

    The ability to provide local power using smaller wind turbines (in hybrid systems), using short distance distribution (i.e. individual homes, small groups of rural homes or small satellite urban complexes) is key, I think, in continuing to move ahead.

    It's great to see lots of advances in smaller units lately.

    So what do you think Minnesota, will Honeywell be putting their name on "Over-Unity Devices" next? :lol:
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