My WindTura 750 Mount

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    I built my own mount. I used 3" schedule 40 pipe that welds to the bracket. And used 1 1/2" schedule 80 pipe, for the slip ring to go in and this is welded to a bolt-on cap, that bolts up to a flange ring that is welded to a 4" schedule 40 pipe for the tower. The 3" pipe I split down the middle so I could fit the bearings into it. And I then welded the joint up. The inside of the bearing was a little bigger than the 1 1/2" pipe so I shimmed it to get a slip on fit. So the bracket with the 3" pipe and bearings slips over the 1 1/2" sch-80. It swings nice and smooth. It pays to work in a fab shop and get the parts burnt out on the plasma table. See pictures below.

    2016-11-01_17-44-42_397.jpg 2016-11-01_17-44-58_351.jpg 2016-11-05_17-18-28_788.jpg 2016-11-05_17-19-25_86.jpg 2016-11-05_17-19-37_163.jpg 2016-11-05_17-19-49_445.jpg 2016-11-06_13-13-28_304.jpg 2016-11-06_13-13-55_819.jpg
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    Update: I have my tower up. Made from 4" Sch 40 pipe x 21' times 2 for total, of 42 feet. 3/4" anchor bolts in concert 4 feet deep and 14 inches round. And three guide wire cables 3/16 Dia. With 1/2 inch rebar for climbing pegs. I have been up to where the cables connect to the tower, of course, I used a safety harness. To stand the tower up I had the cable connected to the back side in the picture where the tower is laying down. And a cable off to the right and left sides anchored to a one inch round bar 3 feet long driven at an angle in the ground for now. When the ground thaws I will replace with the right type anchors. Then I connected a cable a little bit higher to pull the tower up with my truck in the second picture. I had the tower up on a saw horse but I thought is was not high enough to get it to come up so I put a 8 foot 4x4 at the base which I ran the cable over. Had the base plate with the holes in it blocked up to go on to the anchor bolts as it came up. Worked better then I thought it would.

    2016-12-03_14-23-26_374.jpg 2016-12-10_15-50-24_578.jpg
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    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Looks good let us know how the furling works out.
    I was going to try another by what I could find it should be approx 45 deg back tilt and 15 deg side tilt.
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    Will do once I get my controller. It's on the way. As soon as I get it installed and get some wind. It is blowing now as
    I write this with gusts up to 45 mph. And probably won't blow after it is hooked up. Thanks to Larry Leamy for making the controller.
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