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  1. Picture 288.jpg Picture 290.jpg Picture 287.jpg still want clean it all up and run everything in coundit once i have everything the way want it. so far 500 watt turbine, 75 watt solar, c 60 charge controller,vector 400 watt inverter,12 volt interstate deep cycle golf cart battery two breaker boxs and 150 amp breakers. 600 watt dupload 500 watt GTI, i am by no means and expert so feel free to add any comments, or advice on how i have things setup. i also have a transfer switch i hooked up for my generator and now using to run some power from here:) Picture 289.jpg
  2. Looks like you have plenty of room there. The big wire isn’t cheap, so cut it long, think about it and trim later. You’ll be rewiring for awhile.
    The short wrenches are good. I hope those aren’t Snap-on. What I found to be safer is to get a cheap set, cut off the open end and then slip a rubber hose over the handle. I melted a set of keys once.
    It’s only an unsafe mess if someone else sees it. I have a handy door available.
  3. I don't even put the covers on anymore. Added a ground fault disconnect and maxed out the wire sizes. Nickel and dimes are adding up.
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  4. Thanks for the tips, ya I have been rewiring like crazy. I have actually re done almost everything. I was worried about everything being to code but like you said if no see it no problem but I do want to very safe, don't want my garage to burn down. Curious about the ground fault Disconnect I am having a ground fault issue with my inverter.
  5. You have a nice looking setup hope to get there one day. Ya The big cables sure add up been buying one here and there.
  6. Update changed some things went all off grid. Have another 12 volt golf cart battery on the way, everything working good thanks to all help from friends on here. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  7. "It's only an unsafe mess if someone else sees it"

    Can I quote that ?

    ; )
  8. Tuicemen

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    Two Track,
    I hope you get the battery box covered and vented if not already done.
    Those batteries give off hydrogen and oxygen gases which reacts badly with a spark.:eek:
    At least the batteries appear to be liquid lead-acid from your pics.


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