my new geared turbine.

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  1. fixitguy

    fixitguy WindyNation Engineer

    i started this months ago and then my knee went so its been slow going.2 of the guys from work have been helping me finish it when we find the's a 9.6 footer with a 1000's upgeared 1 to has an adjustable spring tension to furl the tail.we put it on the test stand and just set it outside the shop for a few days just to see how it reacted.i'm pleased with it so starts up in 6MPH winds.
    that was my big concern if it would even turn all that gearing.seems the big blades are doing ok.heres a pic.

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  2. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    I like it alot! What do you have as a housing to cover everything from the elements?..If you use wheel bearing grease on your chain,do so while it is hot,gets real sticky when its cold if its put on thick..
  3. fixitguy

    fixitguy WindyNation Engineer

    im gonna run it wide open..if a dirtbikes chain and sprocket can last for years in the mud i think mine will be fine.
    in this pic is the working side of the rig..yaw bearings,huge old slipring,all the off set structure,the tail spring start and stop actions and a few braces.
    it looks kinda "busy" cause if cramed everything up tight to save weight.the tail im using is way to small for all this weight so a new one will be made tomorrow.
  4. fixitguy

    fixitguy WindyNation Engineer

    sorry to take so long to answer...damn knee thing...moving right along...the PMA was flying since the late 80's with no element protection so i'll let her fly the same way.:)
    i started building this mill in my mind years ago knowing i live in a world with very little's just something that i thought was a great adventure.
    of all the gismos i built the wind power machines brings the biggest smile to me..just the idea of producing electricty had me at..,.hello.
    and now i find myself thinking...i know i can make it happen. so i jumped right in and built a geared machine not knowing crap about it all.i do have some great old pieces to start off with and im gathering more as i go. i like old skool stuff".
    heres the mill on the test stand.but now that ive been watching it turn i think the blades are stalling very blades needed?? i can do that.
    thanks for all the reading and great advise .Paul

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  5. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Grid Tie or Charging Batteries?
  6. fixitguy

    fixitguy WindyNation Engineer

    been quite awhile since ive visited this site..damn knee thing..anyway ..i'm charging batteries Tom.
    iv'e since put a new set of blades on. in 6MPH winds it'll keep the battery volts @ 13.3 while running a skillsaw.


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