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  1. well its been a couple months of learning but their up and running and tied to the grid. they are wired in series. 10 mph wind had 13volts 8amp 105 watts , 20 mph wind 22volts 14amp 308 watts. waiting for higher winds now. so far so good. thanks for all the help. kklklklklklklklklklkml 001.jpg
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    Hi Dwight,

    Can you tell us something about your wind turbines?
    Perhaps I missed earlier posts regarding your system.
    Numbers look good, glad to hear that you're up and running.
  3. those r 120volt 22amp dc motors. 6 inch hub, 20 inch blades. Im going to have to order a larger GTI this one disconnects at 32 volts. the last few day Ive had winds in the 30-40 mph and saw voltage 40 to 50 and at 20amps but did me no good cause my GTI is only 300watt. I live on a ridge and have miles of veiw in the south,west and north. I have tryed 35" blades 27" 24" and 20" also tryed 3 blade 4blade 5blade and now 6 blade the 6 blade seems to work best. the blades r cut 4" wide at the base and 2" at the end from sch35 pvc they have been weighed to b the same to asure good balance. they r quit but in high wind they sound like an airplane.
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    Great! Thanks for the info. Sounds like an ideal location and the fact that you are taking advantage of it is wonderful.
    I had PVC blades for a while but they do disintegrate fairly rapidly and it can get a little hectic when they break off. (Mine shattered in less than a year, after the UV rays weakened them and during the cold months when they got brittle).
    Just a suggestion but I'd recommend trying to get a deal on a quantity of aluminum or fiberglass blades if possible.
    Wood blades are harder to make but perhaps you could find a way to mass produce them to make it worth your while.
    3 blade rotors "should" bring you the best efficiency and, of course, smaller diameter will bring you higher RPM's. (Just something to think about).

    Best of Luck, great work!
  5. they do flex backward a good bit. I will buy good blades soon,its been a couple months of trail and error just to c if they will b wroth buying . looks like they r. thanks for the positive response.
  6. I'd like to help you, but I am not quite sure about it.
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