My chargin control system for my solar and wind power

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  1. My home made version of Windy Nations charging control system

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  2. Andy R.

    Andy R. WindyNation Engineer

    Those Windy Nation dump loads don't look home made. Just kidding.

    I'm having trouble figuring everything out. Do you want to walk us through it?
  3. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Please try to keep file size down under 500 k.
    I have a T1 connection and it takes almost 3 mins to get the whole picture.
  4. leamywind1

    leamywind1 WindyNation Engineer

    Very cool, hows the prodcuction going?
  5. Later i will explain how it all works,but if u are able to zoom in on the picture, most of the parts of this are labeld. Maybe that will help until I can fully explain. You may see diods on my rectifiers, but they are not needed, they are intended only for the use of my voltage meeter so that I can get a more accurate reading from my turbines until i instal voltage and amp meeters. My dump loads are not from Windy Nation. I actually or ordered them from a cataloge, but resistors can be easly made. I say this is home made because I used a lot of computer parts such as fans and heat fins to dispers heat. There are many usful parts in old computers. Right now its kind of hard to fully explain because my computer is giving me problems at the moment, but i will as soon as i possibly can.

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