MPPT circuits for wind turbine?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fabieville, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. fabieville

    fabieville WindyNation Engineer

    Does MPPT circuits for wind turbine exist? And if yes to the question where can i find one?
  2. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    This might help. I did get from another site.

    [attachment=1:77mgcjbv]MPPT battery charger.pdf[/attachment:77mgcjbv]

    [attachment=0:77mgcjbv]Solar-array controller.pdf[/attachment:77mgcjbv]

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  3. Rick  Clark

    Rick Clark WindyNation Engineer

  4. Rick  Clark

    Rick Clark WindyNation Engineer

  5. skill_hong

    skill_hong WindyNation Engineer

    So these wind turbines can be my house’s energy source? I know that wind is another way next to solar energy but I am not that convinced. I mean I would prefer solar than wind. Therefore I asked people, who using this kind of system if this is really helpful to them, and most of them replied the same - generates day and night as long as the wind is blowing so it means more power is usually available from wind than solar (then my mind is going to change). :lol: :lol:
  6. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    If you have a large enough generator to make some decent power in decent winds. Then it is very expandable with higher outputs that would rival large arrays of solar power.

    Your location would dictate what is gonna be the most efficient for the money invested. :cool:

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