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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by murray2paddles, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Just have to share this with the forum. Went on UTube to watch a test on Windmax, it was being done by Missouri Wind. Was disappointed cause it was all about bashing the turbine & China and then I was shocked at all the comments made about Windy Nation & some of our forum members..... you must know who you are !
    I left a comment saying he should spend more time doing vids on his own products and stop bashing others.
    Well this morning I received my first email telling me to shut up and I was an idiot, then Jeff the Missouri Man himself just finished writing to me.

    And this guy is for real, wow !

    jeffmolly1 has replied to your comment on Windmax wind turbine generator test,made in China, Amazing results:

    @murrayjm1 I have never backed down from a fight in my life and i don't intend on starting now. You get hit and you hit back harder, that's what men do. I don't believe in lawyers or suing. We should go back to the old days when 2 guys duked it out or shot it out. To many GIRLY MEN today that run there mouth and then hide behind a lawyer and the law. I was going to start my own town and call it MAN CITY. Anybody want to move there when i get it started? IDEAS AND MAN LAWS WELCOME, GOT ANY?
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    I have found the best way to deal with Jeff is to completely ignore him. - Josh
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    Ok, maybe the best thing to do is remove my post and I will follow your advice also

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