MISSION (IM)POSSIBLE(?): WN turbine with MW&S tail??

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  1. Hello all,

    I've been suckered by J3ff M0lly, his cronies, and his/their misleading YouTube videos into purchasing a 800(milli)watt Falcon Mach III.

    The MW&S seven (7) magnet PMA is basically worthless, as it produces almost nothing into a 24v 600AH battery bank, in 10-15mph winds while sitting atop a 30 foot pole located on the roof of the house.

    The nearest trees are about 50ft away, but 20ft below.
    It tracks beautifully, yaws on a dime. but is nothing more than a very expensive weather vane.


    Long story short, I was wondering if I could mate a Rover/Windtura 750 to the blades and tail?
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    Conact me directly at josh@windynation.com

    We will figure something out that will get you making power.
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    Oh no, not another victim of MWS. Sorry to hear pal. Talk to Josh he will get you making power.
    Let the rest of us know if you need any help. Most of us on hear know what works and what doesn't.
    Good luck!!:)
  4. i find that funny. i have two regular renegade 14 magnet models up and one of his new dual magnet models. i'm using windy nation 80 inch air grabber blades on each. i also have a presto wind modle m-12. same windy nation blades. the presto wind m-12 is a boat anchor for darned sure. plain old doesn't make power under 20 mph winds. now on the other hand i'll buy more of mw&s's pma's before i will purchase from anybody else. i have seen well over 40 amps off my three pma's from them(they all run to the same amp meter) and they normally stay between 8 and 15 amps. mine work great on my 12 volt battery bank(six 2 volt trojan's). mine are mounted on top of just 10ft poles. i drive a 6 ft pole into the ground and screw a T coupler on to it. i rum the cords down the main pipe,through the T coupler and back to the rectifier. i'd love to mount mine on the roof even higher up.

    i live in kentucky and our yearly average wind speed is 12 mph. in the summer wind turbines are useless to say the very least, but in the fall,winter and spring they are a gold mine. my 4200 watt solar bank is were i draw the largest part of my power from anyway. i have a bank of 18 100 watt panels and 12 200 watt panels. the solar is grid tied to the house legally. i use powercom usa solar king grid tie inverters. for the battery bank i have 10 of the 45 watt harbor frieght kits a outback 80 amp mppt charge controler and the wind turbines. i have a 5000/10000 watt power inverter i use when the power goes out due to storms or what ever nocks the power out.

    i started out with the presto wind turbine. i wasn't pleased at all. i purchased one of his m-24 models at the beginning of last month. still haven't got it yet!!! talk about slow!!! i have seen plenty of people bashing mw&s. all i can say is mine honestly work and work great. i'm very pleased with thier products and will be buying more pma's from them and more windy nation blades to place on them.
  5. Gonzo, I got a question for you, and I need you to answer honestly.
    Is their any particular reason that you didn't use MW&S' Raptor or Falcon blades??
  6. i started out with 2 sets of falcon blades. they work but it takes higher winds for them to start and work. i purchased a set of the presto wind 8ft diameter blades next. they worked in low winds, but the blades are made of stainless steal. you want to talk about heavy, those blades are heavy. to heavy to get any r.p.m.'s out of them. the windy nation blades are 16 inches shorter in diameter than the presto wind hemi blades and so much liter is is scary!!! they start up in very low wind speeds and start producing power at around 4-5 mph winds on my amp meters.

    i try to stay with longer blades becuase it give more surface area for the wind to contact. i try to stay with just three blade sets as well. if windy nation made a longer diameter set of blades i'd sure be interested in purchasing them as long as the wieght didn't go through the roof on them.

    i have been offered a set of raptor blades by a friend to try out against my windy blades, but i'm not interested in changing the setup i have at the moment to try them out. i might try them out on the m-24 when it arrives. i can say beyond any doubt that the presto wind turbine(m-12) starts up sooner than any of the others, but it produces no power at all under 20 m.p.h. winds. the main reason for the faster start up is the magnet. they take regular altenator rotors and put thier magnets inside of them. they aren't very close to the stator in the unit. the mw&s units i have are all 14 and 28 magnet units. they have cogging becuase the almost contact the stator and the magnets are so strong they will pull it to a stop if there is no wind. mine with the windy nation blades start up in 2-3 mph winds regularly. the surface area and blade shape is the very reason why the catch the wind so much better.

    if you have a set of falcon blades purchase a set of the windy nation wind grabber 80 inch blades. set them side by side and take a long hard look at them. then install them and see the big difference!! you'll be glad you did.

    i used to work at hitachi making altenators. my wife worked the rotor line. i work final assimbly. we tried many things and i often got a chance to talk to the r&d people about the products. we talked about using larger wire in the stators and why they did it. we talked about why they didn't make the pma's. a altenator doesn't work without a power source. you can hook a alt up with out a power source and spin it 3600 r.p.m.'s and put a meter on it. no power comes out. the reason is the rotor isn't a pma. it is only a magnet when power is added to it.

    it has been around 20 years since i worked that job and i can still rebiuld a alt in under 15 minutes at home!! i can also turn a alt into a pma if the rotor and magnets are there. i do like the ideal of the a.c. units much better than the dc units. longer wire runs off small guage wire is great. i have re-wired from the rectifiers to the charge controler and from the charge controler to the battery bank with 2 guage wires since the video i made.
  7. Thank you for the truly informative reply.

    So, by all accounts the MW&S stock blades are to be trashed.
    Sadly, this knowledge came too late for me as I've already returned the PMA and I'm still in possession of the apparently-useless Falcons.

    Granted that Windy Nation's blades seem to be the way to go, but I'm looking for more than single-digit amp readings (in a 20mph wind) from a single turbine.

    What I need are PMA alternatives that give good output, and won't break the bank.
  8. the best way i can explain it to you is most people i know have way more than just one turbine. what your looking for will not come cheap, and several turbines is the way to go. have you got any solar panels? that could be a better direction to look in for you.

    just thinking here. i try not to look to wind alone and solar alone. i use each and have seen a great advantage to doing so. here in the summer the turbines are useless, and in the winter the days are to short for solar to cover every need on my 4200 watt setup at the moment. the 450 watt set up on the battery bank isn't going to keep the trojans fully charged by themselves when the power goes out in the winter.
  9. Hi Dad Guess who
    Gonzo, I had 2 MWS 1500's. In 25 MPH winds, I never got more 4 amps. I've seen 50 amps out of 4 of my competitors 500's. How old are your MWS PMA's? If they are more than 3 years old, MW&S didn't make them
  10. i put mine up last month. they are 3 phase a.c. for a reason. longer runs of smaller guage wire. steve i'm not jeff or have i enevn seen him. i live in kentucky. central kentucky. i won't go anymore into detail than that. i don't use mw&s blades or mounts. i use the 80 inch wind grabbers. i'd love to see windy nation make a larger set. maybe 4 ft long blades.

    i started out with a presto wind model m-12. it is a boat anchor. in 20 m.p.h. winds it makes 2 amps. he bashed mw&s when i talked to him on the phone. then when i finally got his product, i was really let down. i purchase one renegade and these blades. i was impressed to say the least. i purchased another. same thing. then i purchased his new dual magnet model. before i am finished i will have 5 regular renegades and 5 dual magent models. i figure my wind farm will do great that way.

    i'm tired of hearing people bash mw&s when i know for fact they work and work great for me. the main problem i see in people is not understanding one turbine is not going to fulfill thier energy needs, two turbines are not going to do it. you have to farm the wind. if you grow two bean plants your ganna starve. if you grow 100 bean plants you'll at least eat beans if you'll get off your sorry ass pick and can them!!! see wre this is going steve?

    pretty sure i have done figured out just exactly who you are.
  11. Hey Gonzo, can you post close-ups of your turbines' PMAs?
    I wanna see if they're the same as the one I had.
  12. Please tell me that there's a 24V SuperAmp PMA in the works!! :)
  13. I'm not going to jump you because you are being civil. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. But when I see 4 amps out of 2 1500 watt (3000 watt potential) MW PMA's in 25 MPH winds, and then see 50 amps from 4- different manufacturer 500 Watters, with similar blades and winds. You have to ask why there was such a difference. Further, his cog, and the replacements didn't. I am still going to go for a WN 750, later this summer.
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