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    I have had a Midnite Solar Classic 150 for two years now.
    Installed around 11/2017 and has been running fine.
    I have 169 KWH total for the two years and hope next year is better.
    Aux 2 has been controlling my 3 phase SCR's . And has been working great.
    I finally got a working wind curve for my (2) dual core generators.
    Just make sure in the advanced config menu.
    That you set max voltage to the max input voltage from your wind curve.
    Or your AUX will activated much earlier or not at all.
    Also below in a text file is my current Wind Curve.
    (UPDATE 2020)
    I had a few days of good wind that had steady but varied in speed.
    So here is my LAST wind curve.

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  2. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    (UPDATE JAN 30,2023) Better pictures of the dump load set up for AC scr's.
    I take the AC voltage right from the wires before the rectifier.
    Hook it to two 100 Amp 48 vac SCR's. then to four .093 ohm resistors.
    On the 3 outputs I take and use one resistor between both pairs of outputs and hook the aux output from the Classic to my SCR's.
    Total NOW is 298.3 Total Lifetime KWH production.
    It is alot less here now. I go month's with only a few KWH's from 2 dual cores.
    Maybe some year it might change back DSC00740.JPG DSC00741.JPG to wind almost every day.

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