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Discussion in 'Off Grid' started by NEOH, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Have you ever wondered ...
    Where is the best place in the USA for Wind Power?
    Well, look at this map ...
    It shows that the entire middle 1/3rd of the USA is the BEST !!!
    Most of the Green & Yellow colored locations are not so good.
    While the Tan color and other colors higher on the chart are the good locations.
    note: 80 Meters is roughly a 240' Tower = smooth powerful wind.

    Now check out this almost Real-Time Wind Map ...
    High Pressure areas have little or no wind power.
    While, Low Pressure areas and Cold Fronts have all the power!
  2. NEOH

    NEOH WindyNation Engineer

    80 Meter Wind map ...
    You can click on your state to get a special web page just for your state.
    Then you may click on the image of the state to get a huge & detailed map for your state.

    Real-Time Wind map ...
    Click on the wind map to zoom into your area.
    Press F5 to zoom-out (reset).
  3. NEOH

    NEOH WindyNation Engineer

    The almost real-time map ...
    does not work on my computer that runs IE8 but it does work on my other computer that runs IE9.
    The web pages states use Google Chrome.
    I will install Google Chrome and a retry.

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