Low output from my ista i-500w 12v turbine Grid Tied

Discussion in 'Connecting to the Grid' started by Dave sweeney, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Hey, thanks for that my friend, some very useful info for me to work with and have a think about. what's your thoughts on having a generator back-up for charging instead of having so many days battery backup?
    I had already decided to go 24v when I start to get my inverter/charge controller etc for off grid, what sort of size inverter would you recommend or would I need a few, I saw a video on youtube of a guy in Canada who ran his whole house off grid and he appeared to have 2 inverters one to run the fridge, freezer and washing machine the other to do all the rest of the house, would that be a sensible way to go?
    I think solar is still king when It comes to generating power and my system will be 95% solar but there is an argument for having a good wind turbine if only to keep the batteries topped up when there is a good wind and as you say it looks like a 1kw size is going to be the way to go, just need to be sure of the right one as there not cheap as you know.:)
  2. Did you check out my video on youtube of my turbine? there's a link to it on my 4th July post above.
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    Hi Dave, glad to help. 24v it is. Good choice bud. The inverter you need to size it to your biggest load like an appliance plus some fluff a you will be running other things with it at times. Your inverter choice will depend on a few things. one is how many volts do you need 120 or 240vac. Second is the power you will require at peak load. Third is to consider any motor load will require more at start up so a high peak wattage inverter would be the way to go. There are many as you know. Go Power, Xantrex, Outback, and of course a lower budget one's as well but make sure it is pure sine wave inverter with a warranty. Remember, you get what you pay for.
    As far as splitting up you loads again that will be determined by you budget and your needs. As long as you do not need 240v for anything then a nice 4000w or so inverter will run your devices just add up all the watts per device. Using one is more cost effective at least at first.

    The wind turbine, try to get a Wind Max-HYE 1kw 24v is what I recommend or a windy nation 750 at least. You will be very happy. I own 4 wind Max turbines. I can tell you first hand they are a good buy for the money regarding a 1kw class turbine. They produce at about 10 MPH for battery charging for a 24v battery bank. I say 10 MPH because your bats will be up around 25 volts so the turbine has to hit 25v to make power (cut in voltage) since you will have 95% solar keeping those bats fully charged. If the bat voltage is lower then the cut in would be at a lower wind speed. Also Chris Olsen makes a great 1kw low wind turbine but it is more pricey then the WN750 or WM 1kw. His also requires a $600.00 CC (Midnite Classic) with the turbine. Yes, solar is KING!!

    I can help you design a system to fit your needs if you need me to. Please keep in mind making your own power is not cheap. Use name brand products only. Take your time and save up for the right components, you will be much happier in the long run as well as it will be more cost effective then to try to keep trying different things that do not work. YouTube is a good source but try to not get caught up in some of the stuff that is make shift. I have been there so please take it from someone who has been there done that. I hope to help you avoid all the scams and pit falls the first time.

  5. Thanks Larry, any help when needed will be greatly appreciated, here in Ireland were on 240v so will that make a difference with the inverter size?
    We are having great weather here at the moment up in the high 30s (90f) but its having a detrimental effect on the solar...too hot, efficiency has gone well down...too much sun really can be a bad thing lol!!
    Anyway its midnight here so i'll turn in for the night.
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    You got it. Man that's hot,I know the feeling. Yes, solar panels do not like high heat. Sleep tight..talk to ya soon.
  7. just had a bad thunder storm overnight, went out to check my system and found my solar was not generating...checked my GTI's and alls ok, went up on the roof and checked all connections and found that one had melted!!! any reasons for this? surely if it had been affected by lightning it would have fried the whole system...need to get some fuse's sorted, not got any at the moment.
    Anyway gave it abit of a clean and re-connected, alls working fine.
    On another note...on the GTI I normally use, (500w 14-28v) today I was getting about 9-10 amps at 250w but if I connected it to another GTI ( 500w 10.8-30v) it gives me about 300w but only 7amps, can anyone explain the difference to me....seems strange!! as the volts increase do the amps decrease?? and why does the 10.8-30 give me more watts over the 14-28 GTI.
    And my wind turbine gave me a peak of almost 150w overnight...wow, but no where near the rated 500w.

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