Lightening near by inverter not working

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  1. Hi WindyNation!
    We bought a 3000 w Vertamax inverter on May 5, 2019 via Amazon. We have been very happy with it. It has worked as we expected and have no complaints. We were away recently and lightening struck nearby our house. On our return the inverter was not working along with a battery charger in the house as well as borehole pump on the farm :- (

    The main fuse was blown. Bridging that gap the unit seems to be short circuiting. Can you give us any help on how to repair? We brought this to Africa where we are working on an Ag development project so my husband has already opened the unit as we are too far away to send it to you. Many of the fuses inside also are blown but not all of them. Other colleagues tell us that there's no hope to fix it. Any suggestions for us?
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    The unit may be fixable and may not. You'd be best to just get another inverter.
    If you're set on trying to fix start with replacing all the blown fuses. If still inoperable there may be blown diods look for any burn spots on the circuit board that will give you a clue as to where to start with a tester.

    I always tell new users to have some sort of lightening arrestor added. I have one on each array and one on my junction box as well one on the AC side. You can never have enough protection.
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