Leamy Electric grid tie wind system

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  1. Thanks Tom, I have not read through that post, thanks... Looks like an easy fix, I ordered up 2 of those MosFets... thanks...
  2. MosFets did the trick.. Now all the current is going to the grid.. Hope it dumps correctly?
  3. Spoke to soon.. today we had about 15 MPH wind.. Went to check power out and the Dumpload was glowing red... Now it looks like the GTI is completely fried....
    Took it apart and one of the new MosFets was burned right where it was soldered in to board.. and a hugh burn on other side of board right under the more middle one of the large black capacitors...
    Any idea what could of happened.. Took very close care putting in the new Mosfets.. I cut the the old ones out leaving the leads and laid the new one on those leads with a small touch of solder, inspected it with 100x magnifying glasses...
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    Posb wrong size dump coil?:(
  5. Humm, I'm using the 3 ohm 1500 w one recommended for 1000w GTI... Looks the same as most set up I've seen here....
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    Not sure then...sorry:(.
  7. Tom, Are the voltages adjustable on these
    1pcs Soild State Relay SSR-10 DD DC-DC 10A 3-32VDC/5-60VDC

    Or do they auto disconnect at 32v? I am running the 750 wind turbine with a 24v Outback. I have tried running the sun gti 10.8-30 in parallel with the Outback to get the most out of the lower volts, but with high wind gusts I think the Outback is too slow to kick in and over-volts my sung. burning up 2 already. It works great on normal days, but watch out for storms. The Outback is awesome, just wish I could capture the lower winds as well. I hate to buy another sung, just to have it fry during the summer. I have tried fixing them, one is in fault mode and the other just cycles the green lights very fast but no output. The fuses are fine and mosfets test ok. Not sure what else to look at. Any help appreciated.
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    Can you show us how you have the system wired.:)
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    3-32 volts is the input operating range. More than 32 volts and you will probably burn it out.
    Also about burning up GTI's. If you have large changes in wind velocity. Then you will need some sort of disconnect switch to run with the outback. Say when it hits 28 volts have it disconnect the GTI.
  10. Thanks Tom, that is what I am looking for, a disconnect switch, what type should I get and where would be the best place to find one? I think that would work great, getting the best of all winds with the small GTI and the Outback and a disconnect to keep the small gti safe. Thanks.
  11. Guys- I am planning on installing a system in the spring. Site is windy ( there are commercial windmills nearby). What kind of kWh would you expect for monthly production off a Hy1000? Can anyone share their actual data?

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    Hi Mark,
    Well you would need to evaluate your own site first. Think of it this way.
    The HY can do about 100 watts in 12-13 MPH winds. That"s 1 kw every ten hours. How much more or less can your site sustain a constant 12-13 MPH wind?:)
  13. Larry,

    Thanks for the response. Your knowledge and willingness to help on these sites is great. Thanks.

    The site is on a ridge and looking at NREL maps the wind speed is 5.5-6 m/s. This sounds about right from my experience. The site is consistently breezy. There are two commercial wind turbines on the same ridge within view of our place so that also confirms.

    Looking at data tables HYE has the output at this speed at roughly 150 watts. This aligns with what you said at 12-13 mph ( 4.3 m/s). The data tables say that output at this wind range would be 100-150 kwh. I am looking for some monthly trends on data production and they arent easy to come by. It is easy to find point in time data or even what a great day looks like but there does not appear to be anyone posting consistent data with a hy1000 set up. Can anyone provide their longer term data to confirm output. I know it wont be exactly the same due to site variation but just looking for a range.

    My energy costs $0.10 / Kwh so I will be more in the enthusiasts hobbyist category rather than trying to really save money and i know that.

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    Hi Mark,
    I use about 16,800 kw/year. My Kw with the 1 HY turbine is about 65/year. I also pay .10/kw. I have 4 so i do just about 10%. Small wind turbines are like solar panels........you need multiple ones to make any decent power for on grid. The only people that are actually making wind power in the $ catagorey are the owners of 5 kw worth of turbines or turbine, people who live in a real tiny house with nothing but lights a fridge and a dg to keep the company.

    I repaired a 5 kw (Tallon) last year and it hits 1000 w at 12-13 MPH. Now that's more practical except the damn thing cost $40,000, has a 40 ft tower, and a 12 ft blade span.

    Leamy Electric Wind Turbine Repair Pa.
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