Is this HUGE MOTOR the right motor for a WIND TURBINE? If not, any ideas?

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  1. I recently built a vertical wind generator and understand some of the basics. Now I picked up this motor for a mere $200 and would like to use it to make a large wind generator. I'm having trouble determining whether or not it will be suitable for a wind generator.

    I have checked the ohms on a few combinations of the eight or so wires coming of it of it. The highest I've found so far is .8 ohms. When I hook my voltmeter to those two leads and spin it by hand I only get about .5v - .8v .

    Thoughts? Ideas?

    IMAG0864.jpg IMAG0863.jpg
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    Should'nt the motor be D/C or do you plan on modifying it to make it DC. That thing is a monster. 30kw range. Can you imagine the size tower, wiring and blades you would need let alone the dump loads for it.:)
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    I concur with Larry, what you have is an AC induction motor i.e. both rotor and stator have windings (no magnets).
    Theoretically a motor conversion may be possible where the rotor is turned down, magnets installed and possibly field rewound but this would be a huge undertaking and require a machine shop with a big industrial lathe along with a LOT of research and work. As to whether this would be a good candidate for such a conversion I would suggest you research Zubbly Motor Conversion and do some searches on for posts by Wayne Zubbly (Unfortunately Wayne passed away a few years back but he left us with a great deal of detailed documentation on motor conversions).

    Also a 36 pages of information on this at
  4. Interesting stuff. Thanks for the prompt responses. I have decided to try selling this motor. lol A little more than what I want to get into at this time. Thanks for the links Dave.

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