Is this a bridge rectifier?

Discussion in 'Start here' started by Everett Herring, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. This came with the wind turbine that I bought off eBay. Obviously came from China. The instructions are written by someone who didn't really know how to write it technical manual.. so is this a bridge rectifier and can I use it as a bridge rectifier with a Xantrex C40 with a dump load?
  2. My pics won't post. It's a yt-12/24 h2o proof wind control it has three wires for input for 3-phase and two wires for output that are 12 volt if I install this between the turbine and my batteries and then hook up my Xantrex C40 as a dump resistor controller in the same system will this work?
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    That does appear to be a rectifier ( to be 100% sure contact the seller) and I do know the C40 can perform a dump load but I have no experience with setting it up.
    The C40 manual I believe has wiring instructions. Older versions (when made by Trace) could only do a dump or charge (not both at the same time) I'm not sure if that is still the case.
  4. Sadly I have no way of contacting the seller. I can't read Chinese, and I doubt the manufacturer or seller even speak English.
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    If you bought from Ebay you should be able to pull up the purchase from your history this allows you to contact the seller.
    The seller must be able to understand English if they posted on Ebay.
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    Sadly I doubt anyone here is using that.
    However looking it up on Ebay I found this:
    It states it is a charge controller with both auto and manual brake control.
    You could contact this seller for more info (just don't state you already purchased from someone else)
    If this is indeed not only a rectifier but charge controller as well a dump may not be needed. However you could always add one just to be on the safe side.
  7. Th
    Ok thanx, unfortunately I bought it in February and ebay deletes purchase history after 90 days.
    I bought the C40 because I thought it was a hybrid controller which it is not.
    So I'm going to get a hybrid and use the C40 for my well pump. But in the mean time I was hoping get the wind turbine going temporarily with the C40. One the turbine and pv array are fully functional on a hybrid controller I am going to purchase a fresh battery bank. I live at 7800 ft in the rockies so in winter there is always a strong wind, a dump can't hurt regardless. Plus I can use the heat off the dump to warm under the trailer.

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