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  1. Is it normal for the fan on my inverter to turn on every minute and run for 1 second?
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    The fan in the inverter is for keeping the unit cool so components don't burn up.
    You don't state what inverter your using or if the inverter is sitting idle or what it is running.
    Cheaper inverters will have their fans common more often.
  3. Thank you for your response to my query. I am using a vera max 1500 watt inverter The unit is sitting on a piece of plywood secured to the floor. It doesn't make any difference if it is under load or not. I have noticed that it does not run in the early morning hours ( I am an early riser). The only thing I am running off it is a fan to help keep it cooler in the house. The temp of the batteries is staying around 16-17 C. Once again thanks for your response.
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    Inverters in my experience performed best when mounted to a wall allowing good air movement.
    The mounting location may not be allowing for enough air circulation thus causing the fan to come on more often.
  5. Thanks for tip. I'll move to the wall and hopefully it will take care of it. Thanks again.
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    In most inverter manuals they make suggestions for the best mounting locations (at least they use to)
    Good air movement around inverters and charge controllers is key to keeping them performing at peek performance.
    Do let us know if your inverters new location helps.
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