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  1. jgmanza

    jgmanza WindyNation Engineer

    Hello I have emailed for information and have received no reply. Is your email working. Also I need to know why I receive the message that an item is overweight when I press continue to checkout. Maybe I have to buy through ebay instead see if that works. :cry:
    My email from
  2. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Problem should be resolved. Let us know if it is not.
  3. jgmanza

    jgmanza WindyNation Engineer

    Re: Windynation 500 online

    Hello thanks to the windynation crew, I bought and received my Windy Nation generator and charge controller in record time. (for all you international buyers). So I believe that I muct be the first person in Belize (Central America) with a windy nation generator. Now people are stopping everyday by my house asking what the motor and propellor are for. Woot woot!

    Anyway I need to know how can I check the amps going to my battery bank. Can I check it after the bridge rectifier on the positive line while it is connected to the battery bank? BTW I also have a 75 watt solar panel connected to the battery bank.
  4. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    Yes, you can definitely check the current on the positive or negative wires traveling from the bridge rectifier to your battery. You can purchase a ammeter to monitor is constantly. Or if you watch our youtube video:

    You can use a clamp on meter like in the video. Just make sure it can read DC amps as many of the cheaper units cannot. These range in price from about 30 to 300 dollars. For your application, the 30 dollar one will be just fine. The nice thing about these is you can move it around and quickly check the current on many things. Pluse there are no connections to make and no wires to splice .... these use the Hall Effect to measure the current.

    Also, if you want a pretty cool amps/watts/kW hrs/voltage measuring device, then checkout ... meter.html

    Oh, I forgot completely answer your question: You do need to have the positive and negative wires coming from the bridge rectifier hooked up to the battery bank to measure current: If there is no load on the generator, then no current will flow.
  5. jgmanza

    jgmanza WindyNation Engineer

    Oh man. Came home (last 2 weeks) and no lights on my charge controller. Guess what? The green light is pushed out and beside it is swollen. The fuse is blown. A battery seems to have some acid on it...maybe over charged dunno. I disconnected all system and removed the Charge controller is burnt. So I tried to open and voila...its as described, completely sealed and of course irrepairable.

    Gotta get me a new one now. So what went wrong..dunno, after about 3 weeks of solid performance.

    Advice, how can I find out if I should buy back only the charge controller, or could the solenoid be bad too?

    If the solenoid is good can it work with other type of charge controller?
  6. jgmanza

    jgmanza WindyNation Engineer

    Ok..I know...Checked my paypal invoice and it says I bought a 100amp charge controller. It it possible to buy the black box with led indicator lights only if solenoid is good?
  7. windyguru

    windyguru WindyNation Expert

    I will shoot you an e-mail this evening.

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