How many panels can the TrakMax work with?

Discussion in 'TrakMax MPPT Controller' started by WindyFAQ, Jun 11, 2013.

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    For 24 volt charging:
    Eight (8) 100W, 12V panels.
    Wire four pairs of two 100W panels in series. Now you have four "24 volt 200 Watt solar panels". Wire pair #1, pair #2, pair #3, and pair #4 in parallel and connect to the TrakMax 40A Controller.

    For 12V charging:
    Four (4) 100W,12V solar panels to one TrakMax 40A.

    Note: Multiple TrakMax Controllers can be wired to the same battery bank in parallel for larger systems
  2. I have 10, 100 watt panels on mine 5 series 2 parallel, I bring down around 80 vDC give or take a little at around 8 - 10 amps Depending on Time of day and how much sun is hitting them, using the TrakMax 30A MPPT Controller works for me with no issues.
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    Thanks for the update.
    What type of charging current are you seeing from the MPPT controller using this configuration?

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