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  1. We are using this SuperAmp generator on a waterwheel and we are getting around 160rpms. What should we be getting for amps? Because we aren't getting much, only about .7 amps. I'm using a 12V battery bank.

    Thanks, Ryan
  2. That seems about right. You need more than double that rpm. Maybe a 2:1 or 3:1 pulley system if you have the hydro power to turn it.
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    That is correct
    That is correct. 150 rpm is right around cut-in for 12V battery charging. "Cut-in" refers to the rpm at which the SuperAmp will begin to charge a 12V battery. So at 160 rpm there is not going to be much power produced.
  4. We have a 4 to 1 chain and sprocket system now and we are getting 330 rpms without the batteries and when we connect the batteries it drops down to around 220 rpms. When we turn the shaft of the pm it makes a rubbing sound, should it be making that noise?

    This is the best we will get using the current concept. If nothing else can be done, it looks like we may need to look at a different design.
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    The rpm drops because you are applying a load (the battery) to the generator. It looks like you will need to re-design your set-up to get more rpm's or you need more water (power) to spin the generator at a higher rpm.
  6. Can you install a lift device or dam in the waterway directly upstream of your wheel? Say, a 2x10 across the waterway to let the water pool and gain height, then spill into the wheel higher up on the wheel. Or better yet, spill over the top surface of the wheel. You may need to add a few sandbags along the banks since the water level will rise, but sand is cheap. You will also gain torque, which you need as well as speed.

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