How do I adjust the LVD voltages?

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    I recently purchased 6 of your 24v LVD's for use on some remote climate monitoring stations that we are installing, after seeing in the user manual that the LVD voltages are adjustable. Looking at the unit, there does not seem to be any way to adjust anything. Can you tell me how to adjust these? The factory setting of 21 volts disconnect for a 24volt system would draw the battery down to zero capacity, which would kill the batteries in remote installations.
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    The Windy Nation Low Voltage Disconnects (LVD's):​

    are adjusted by us. We can set them at certain voltages before we ship them if you prefer particular voltages. There is, however, a very simple, effective and very affordable way to adjust the LVD's yourself. I made two slides which outline the process. The diodes in the slides are available from just about any online electronic supplies vendor:​

    voltage change.png voltage change 2.png
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    This is very handy news Josh, thanks for the tip on how to adjust the LVD.
    I tried a variable resistor on the sensor wire without success, this looks like a nice easy way to tailor the LVD to a particular system.
    Your knowledge of your products and help in applying them is always appreciated!

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