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Discussion in 'Solar Power' started by TomT, Mar 8, 2011.

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  2. TomT

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    I've seen that video before. I thought the counter-weight hanging under the solar panel was interesting. Some folks say that just adding a second stationary panel outproduces a tracker, and is a more cost effective strategy, with less to break or malfunction. What are your thoughts?
  4. timber

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    Good video, I like the way things were explained clearly.
    What I didn't understand from the video is whether tracking requires periodic input from the remote control.
    Every few hours, each day etc?
    Does the tracker keep on working with no additional input via remote control?
    In other words is it a "set it and forget it" type thing?

    Thanks for the link Tom!

    Hi BeachBum, good to see ya in the neighborhood ... how's life on the beach in Florida treatin' ya ... good, I hope!

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    Everything's always twice as expensive in Seattle, why should Cost per kWh produced annually be any different ... :lol:
    Hey, we do REALLY appreciate that sun when it warms up the moss though.

    As far as solar panel use HERE goes, if I'm investing in solar panels, they are going to be on a tracker to get the most out of those (average annual in Seattle) 58 sunny days. It's must be the "cool" factor that inspires me. :roll:

  7. timber

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    Ok, got it figured out for Washington ... I'll harvest rainwater by redirecting my gutters ... :lol:
    check this out ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-4Ll_v32RY

    Ya think? :roll:

    Sorry Tom, didn't mean to hijack your thread, not enough sleep ... getting rummy.

  8. TomT

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    Yes it seems that the remote is just like a vcr programmer. You set up the degrees for the time of the day and set it for everyday and forget it. Done Deal. :D

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