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  1. hello all. heres what im working on. I made 4 turbines useing treadmill motors they r 120 vdc each and 22 amp each wired in series . the blades r sch35 pvc 20 inch. I get 50 volts in 10 mph I want to hook to the grid without useing batterys so do i want to use 250 watt inverters stacked to get 1000 watts or use one 1000 watt inverter? this voltage was oc.
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    You will have more success with one GTI per turbine, wired independantly.
  3. thank ya, what brand and size do u recomend?
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    Sun is the only maker of proven wind-capable cheap GTIs. The 300w will be suitable 10.5 - 30 Vdc in w/ dump load per turbine. Currently $91 on eBay from seller "chargerdeal."
  5. thank ya, so 10.5- 3o does this mean i will get 300 watts at 30 volts and 150 watts at 15 volts and so on? I also have a chocago electric ac 10KW generator belt driven got any Ideas for this? I know that treadmill motors dont make good turbines that why I have four. Im just learning about all this, right now there wired in series and chargeing a 12 volt battery bank of four batterys wired in paralell running my 25 mile electric fence charger and my radio in da garage. maybe they would put out more amps if wired in paralell?
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    The 300 value is more like a burst level. You should easily get between 200-250w if the wind is stong and your turbine is capable. The voltage and current go up with RPM.
  7. thank ya,Im going to order the windy nation meter then Ill c what im getting from them. the motors was gave to me, i had the pipe and mask, made the hub, had the batterys an wire so figured give it a try. I have been eye balling ur 750 watt pma may have to try one.the wind here tears stuff up. we build this house in 85 were on r 5th roof with many repairs. we just had a week of 20-30 mph sustained wind and 50-60 mph guests. u could not even c the blades spinning they sounded like an airplane LOL. I even ran my 42" lcd tv that week and still was dumping. Im glad I found this site so I can learn, I catch on fast so bare with me.

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