High winds and what my blades sound like.

Discussion in 'Post Your Photos' started by bluejay, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer


    Like I stated,in the future I will run 2 charge controllers so I need not decide when it should be on a large number of 12v inverters but for now manually switching it over will be fine. If its bad out and I leave the house,its always on the 12v system..I have 9 dogs,we never leave for long :lol:
  2. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    I have to change the gearing,,,Its to fast and was starting to flutter and bent the back leg in the gail winds about a half inch at the bottom joint that was suppose to be cased into concrete.I am begining to think maybe I need to dedicate my life to solar :? .I pray it holds and should just play with little blades :cry:
  3. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    And down it went into 2 dog kennels,creased the legs perfectly....I have some serious soul searching to do..I know these units and to put a lower gear and truly have the rpm managable it doesnt put out crap for numbers in low wind..The 16 sprocket topped out around 150 watts in what the 20 would put out around 325... The work involved in constructing 5 or 6 of these to totally eliminate the electric bill doesnt seem worth it to me anymore,The money would be better spent with SOLAR..

    I had way higher hopes for the output and was expecting to have such a abundance that selling back was a definate. I have been so passionate about this for the last year and truly cant understand my feelings right now.I wanna cry,be angry and relieved its over today all in one. I was pacing the house the last 3 hours. :cry: :(
  4. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    11:00 local news just reported a registered gust of 70 mph wind gust coming off of Lake Michigan earlier in the evening... It has sounded like a freight train rolling by outside every so often....
  5. Minnesota

    Minnesota WindyNation Engineer

    "From failure comes understanding" - Edison. Forge ahead. Sorry man.
  6. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    We had winds up to 35 MPH last night. Sounded like mine was going to come off the roof. But went outside and watched it for a few minutes and it is furling 50% at about 30 MPH. Woo Hoo and the pole was not even bending back and forth. :) I know shutting mine down in high winds cuts down alot of the pole movement with the gusts around here. Which I have had to do in a hurry a few times. Sorry to here about yours going to the ground again. Maybe a time for a redesign with a furling tail or something else. :cry:
  7. murray2paddles

    murray2paddles WindyNation Engineer

    It leaves a lot of us not knowing what to say, other than so sorry cause of all the hard work you have done !
    Man you must get some kick ass winds .

    Blue I have not lost a tower " yet" almost but not all the way down , BUT your not the only one doing some soul searching on dealing with what might be Real and what is just Fun, What pays back the best return for your investment, Solar or Wind !

  8. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    Well Mur After sleeping on it and really pondering everything..I love doing this and the bitch about it is I had a strong feeling that I should of left the lower gearing in a while ago but I guess I was greedy for all the low wind wattage I could get.. I cant blame random mother nature on this one though.. Trying to keep it in check with only resistance was no match for those high winds :roll:

    Since it bent only inches above the concrete at a joint that was suppose to be encased in 4 ft of concrete I am going to see if its savable in the spring and put a little(prolly turbo torque blades) on this one.. I had just recieved another set of the 10.6 blades so I will put another tower up with alot lower gears and test it for a long time.

    Josh, what will a furling frame run me without a motor? I have 3 windy's right now so I wont need the full kit...

    Every year I have had winds that have broke trees or ripped large amounts of shingles off my house. It doesnt make sense not to utilize how good of wind I get but I cannot afford anymore experimenting..I am now $800 in the hole of broken blades :x
  9. murray2paddles

    murray2paddles WindyNation Engineer

    Blue, I know this will grind your teeth BUT if those destructive winds have come from the same direction each time , is there any chance of just putting up some wires on those two corners :?:
    Whould that allow you to keep using the same blades and gearing ?
  10. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    Guy wires would of kept it up but The gearing still was to high..I am suprised the blades didnt shatter apart from the rpm..Even if the 1ft long eyelets had the wires tensioned on the concrete slab would of prolly helped alot..

    The motor has what looks like burnt greased that oozed from the case..I will get pictures into this thread soon.. I tried to short it last night for about 5 minutes to slow it down and bet that stator got real hot..It was still putting out around 400 watts on a 12v system before it crashed and am sure it was around the 600 watt if it was on 24 v system..

    I wanted to give up last night but I know I have it figured out now..I will just keep a lower gear system, be safe and give up some lower end output.....

    All the solar panels will be on the other 1/2 acre and way out of harms way :D I dont know what give up is,,till my last breathe :cool:
  11. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

  12. dlmcbm

    dlmcbm WindyNation Engineer

    GUY WIRES!!!! I think that would solve your problems there. We are gettting the good winds tonight down here in Maryland. Finally in a good direction for me(I still have 1 tree that needs to come down). Now my grid tie took a crap. oh well maybe next time. Anyway go with the guy wires it should fix your tower problem. My Rohn 25g tower sways a little @60 feet but so far so good.
  13. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    I have a plan for 1 ft long eyes buried into concrete with 4 wires tension to each corner pulling tension down but I dont think this gearing would of survived..The flutter sound means the start of overspeed..

    I have no clue how to design a furling tail,maybe copy or buy a unit for the old farm windmills..Do you have to add weight according to the blade diameter?
  14. TomT

    TomT WindyNation Engineer

    Turbine has to be 2-3 inches off center. Check my pictures out. My new tail is inline with the mast. Tilt back is 15 degrees and I will be going out to 4 ft on the tail so it will be 6 ft total length. Tail is supposed to be as long from the blades to the end as big as the diameter of the blades. Also have to put a limit stops on so it does not come around and hit the blades. I had 15 degrees and 90 degrees. the 15 degrees is not enough. Turbulent wind knocks it out of the wind. On the furling side it has never gone past 45% so will change both to 45% in both directions in the spring. It is still making power when it furls. :D Also since I got the bend out of the tail fin it does not yaw all over the place. It makes adjustments real smooth now and the pole does not try and bend over in 30 + mph wind. As soon as I can get up on the roof I will make the changes and post the length and weight of the tail and when it furls. Do not know if any one has seen this video yet but it looks like the tail is spring loaded to go both directions. Also ordered 1.5 IN OD by 1 IN ID tubing to beef up my pivot.It is egging out the bearing. Will post pictures and info of that too.
    Costs way too much. :shock:

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